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Brand Concept

JARLL, 讚爾, means “paying you compliments (zàn ěr)” in Mandarin. The concept of JRALL is to promote the virtue of paying sincere compliments. The concept coincidentally reflects the modern days’ “like” internet etiquette, in which people show they care by hitting the “like” button. Now and then, we all expect people would show their appreciation through gifts, to show their upmost good wishes and compliments to the people they care about the most. Therefore, when you choose JARLL out of appreciation, let JARLL “like” your exquisite taste and approval to our work.

Brand History

The parent company Hsin Lin Glass Co. Ltd. is based in Hsinchu. Due to its funder Mr. Yung Chuan He’s dedication and determination in delving into the world of glass art for more than thirty years’ time, Hsin Lin has acquired more than a thousand patents in the field, with outstanding research and development, manufacturing, quality control and customer service, Hsin Lin has won its clients’ trust from all over the world, and has become the leading company in the industry. Through its more than twenty years of experience trading in the Western market, Hsin Lin Co. Ltd. consolidates the craftsmanship from all categories, with professional techniques which it has learnt along the way, it has established large teams of design, research and development and production. It fuses the Chinese culture into the concept of modern tasteful life, and has won the praise from clients from all over the world. It has become the biggest supplier in the world water globe market for years. It is truly the pride of Taiwan.

Bearing its funder’s mission of “letting art into life” in mind, JARLL was born in 2006. JARLL motivates to forge an approachable all-rounded life art brand. We expect ourselves to create our products with the top design and craftsmanship, so our customers can show their upmost sincerity though our gifts. We hope to transform the luxury glass handicrafts into affordable artwork for the general public to collect, appreciate and enjoy. JARLL brings the exquisite taste and a peaceful state of mind into your life.

Comprehensive Fine Art

In JARLL, we see ourselves to be a professional manufacturer of fine art handicrafts in the global market. Therefore, JARLL is renowned for its persistence and requirement for the design and quality of their products. With the rapid development of the business operation, the aesthetic level and the ability of the manufacturing skills also grow in step with the company. The three-dimensional development of research and development, manufacturing and customer orientation has always been the funder Mr. Yung Chuan He’s original vision.

Although JARLL started with glass handicraft and water globes, the range of products now have covered all type of fine crafts, and have cooperated with medias such as glass, polyresin, porcelain, metal and plastic. Apart from some parts of the packaging materials, all the key materials and parts and techniques are produced and integrated within the group, so we can maximize the production efficiency and create the best product quality. Meanwhile, we demand ourselves to improve with time, research and develop based on customer orientation, and integrate new materials and techniques, and break through to a new level of art gifts. We set our goals to be the very best gift provider in the world and work diligently toward it.

Business Items

JARLL covers many business items, including various exquisite glass handicrafts with different themes. Among them, the musical globe is the best known to our customers. Moreover, JARLL also specialize in integrate and utilize different materials such as glass, porcelain, metal and plastic to design and developed a range of daily commodities and artworks.

Our wide range of exquisite handicrafts can be purchased through direct sale or retailers. With our outstanding production and manufacturing team, JARLL can meet any large customized orders from our clients from all over the world, to deliver the best quality of products in the shortest time.

We would love to hear from you whether you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, or a commissioned design and manufacture project, or a retailing opportunity etc. JARLL would serve you wholeheartedly with the best solution to your requirements.

Water Globe

Water globes are the testimony of the rising of Hsin Lin Co. Ltd. in the glass art industry. They are also the symbol of JARLL’s brand mission.

By integrating different materials to create various dynamic themes and combining music globe with electric elements, JARLL’s water globes have strong functionality and unlimited possibilities of presentation, and have become the icon of the Western gift market. JARLL’s parenting company Hsin Lin Co. Ltd. plays a crucial role in the development of water globe craftsmanship. Due to its great ability in developing and integrating, Hsin Lin has created a wide range of products and extended the content of features to infinity. Since 1995, Hsin Lin has become the largest water globe manufacturing company and has taken the leading role in the world’s water globe market. Through JARLL’s exquisite craftsmanship, water globes obtain the mystic fantasy image and has become a synonym for happiness.

Glass Art

Glass art is the traditional industry of Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is also the origin of JARLL Art.

From a small size studio of ten to a large-scale production of over ten thousand people, JARLL always persists in perusing of art. JARLL inherits the traditional techniques and improved them with time, we utilize techniques such as spinning, blowing, hand-blowing, lot-wax and mould-pressing and integrate with our experienced artists’ fine craftsmanship, and with our unique formula and precision in temperature control. we make every piece of work a masterpiece.

Our fine glass vases take inspiration from Chinese watercolour paintings. We consolidate numerous procedures, and complete the procedures of blowing, moulding and composition in a furnace with a temperature of more than a thousand Celsius degree. We use the best quality of materials and precisely control temperatures of the furnace to ensure no mistakes or hesitation in the process of production. With this we can accomplish masterpieces with multi-layers of beauty in a few minutes time.

Porcelain Art

JARLL also pays great attention to porcelain art. We carefully select the perfect formula for each category of artwork, and use matching glaze to hand paint each piece individually. With the precise control of the temperature, each piece of artwork radiates unique blaze of colours. We adopt various cold working techniques to fine out every detail and breathe life into them.

Casting Art

Through years of trials and improvement, JARLL uses the most traditional technique of lost-wax casting to obtain the finest details for our handicrafts. Despite the time consuming and complicated process, our handicrafts are true to the design. JARLL chooses the best quality of brass casts. As a result, the handicrafts are sturdy with beautiful natural sheen. With careful trimming and chemical colouring, they display an exuberant vitality. Lost-wax casting glass is also known as Liuli. Liuli is moulded in casts, this technique gives the glass handicrafts a mystic glaze, and creates a mesmerizing reflection of lights.

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